What will be the big surprise of new Feeds-v1.5.0

Begin with the experience

Do you have a similar experience when boarding to Feeds, you were simultaneously collapsed into struggling to figure out the concept of Feeds Source. Since no decentralized application like Feeds to compare, it isn’t easy to understand what it is and why Feeds has it, whereas Twitter doesn’t.

The previous versions with “Feeds Sources”

What is the concept of Feeds source?

As we always addressed, Feeds is a new type of social network with decentralized nature inside, which means no single failure could freeze the experiencing of Feeds, no censorship would enforce from a single authority, and no critical credentials are undertaking the leaking risk. Most of the strengths would credit to the architecture that Feeds Capsule can connect to multiple back-end services as long as you know where they are, and those back-end services are the exact ones we called Feeds Sources, aka Feeds services. As you connected to a Feeds service, you can see all feeds on that Feeds service and decide to follow them.

Why don’t you need it anymore?

But, as a pure follower, the only one interesting thing to you is the feed itself you are willing to follow and then read its content, not the Feeds Source you need to connect explicitly. What a pure follower needs here is just the same experience as Twitter. We have been questioned about this annoying experience for a certain period of time by community geeks and inside as well.

How do we correct it?

As an announcement, this misguiding experience has been corrected in the coming soon version of Feeds v1.5.0, where the concept of Feeds Sources has been removed from pure followers’ view sight. On that version, you will be agnostic to the procedure of connecting Feeds Source when you directly follow the specific feed via scanning QRcode on the “Explore Feeds” page. Bingo, the anxiety beginning with experiencing, would be hopefully disappeared.

The new version with “Feeds Sources” removed

Walk you through as a Publisher.

Now, I will walk you through it as a publisher user. Like reality, you will be required to create a publisher account when planning to share your exciting viewpoints or stories. As we all know, you have to set up a Feeds service (now change Feeds source as Feeds service) for yourself to create your publisher account. Click here will guide you through the whole process of deploying a Feeds service.

Assuming you have a Feeds service running on your Raspberry device, you can get the Feeds service’s QRcode by opening the browser with the input below:


You would see a QRcode displayed there, which is the exact QRcode of the Feeds service you set up to make a pair. Open the top-right menu to enter into the “Publisher Account” page and click the button to launch the whole pairing process. It will walk you through the entire process with several steps. Take a coffee, conduct it as the instruction in each step says. Honestly, there is a big room to get improved for the whole process of creating a publisher account, and we will make it when it becomes our top priority.

After having completed the whole process, you would now be required to create a new feed with an interesting name as a topic. With that feed, you can share your engaging stories or exciting ideas there and publish the feed to Discovery Square on your demand, where people can find interesting topics or celebrities they are willing to follow.

Hope you would like it

In the last, I hope this article would describe enough to let you understand what the improvement is going on in the next coming version, and it also could be encouraging to us if you’re delighted with it. Now if you really like this Feeds, please help us star the repository of this project here. We really appreciate it, Good luck.



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