The brief introduction to Feeds-v2.0

A new, decentralized social platform

3 min readSep 7, 2021
Feeds Channels

Feeds is a new, decentralized social platform where users remain in full control of the data they generate, and may also profit from it.

The characteristics

Feeds stands apart from the pack of conventional, centralized social applications. Here’s how:

  • A fully functional DID-based, back-end sign-in service that does not create any risk of credential leakage or single-point failures;
  • Native decentralized services that allow users to access a breadth of different back-end services, thereby contributing to rich, diverse content on the platform;
  • Anyone can run Feeds services, which empowers all users to fully own and control their data.

Feeds channels and Feeds Pasar

On Feeds channels, publishers create dedicated channels and post to them. Readers subscribe to channels according to their interests and read posts. On Feeds Pasar, users can create NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) with their own images and trade them in an open marketplace. The Feeds team is hard at work exploring new and innovative use cases for NFTs on Feeds channels.

Deeply integrate Elastos core technologies

Feeds is an essential Elastos application that deeply integrates Elastos core technologies of the following details:

  • Feeds dApp and Feeds service both act as Carrier nodes and communicate each other via Carrier messages;
  • Elastos DID integration for sign-in, user identity, and interaction with remote Feeds service;
  • Integration with Essentials to authenticate user identity and authorize user approval;
  • Support for connecting to the Essentials wallet as a delegator to perform transactions on the ESC (Elastos Smart Contract) side-chain;
  • Interaction with the NFT contract (ERC1155) and marketplace on ESC side-chain to mint and trade NFTs;
  • Supporting storing application data on a Hive node is under the way.
Feeds Pasar

Publishers must deploy Feeds service

Publishers must deploy the Feeds service as a standalone desktop application on macOS/Windows, or install the Linux packages on Linux VPS or a Raspberry Pi device in order to run Feeds as a system service. The Feeds team strongly recommends remaining up to date with the latest version of Feeds service at all times.

Enjoy your personal Feeds experience!

We at the Feeds team continue to remain open, and welcome users and enthusiasts alike to reach out to us with any questions and comments in our dedicated Telegram group.

Notice: This article will be the description to Feeds application on google play.