Feeds Capsule Goes Live on the Apple App Store

3 min readFeb 1, 2021

The Feeds and Trinity Teams are thrilled to announce that the Feeds Capsule is now live on the Apple App Store. At a time when decentralized social media is at the forefront of online debate, we are proud to welcome anyone who wants to be part of the rising alternative to traditional social media, where privacy and data ownership are the new standard.

The Feeds Value Proposition

Feeds is a decentralized social platform that disrupts the traditional client-server model. On Feeds, users have sole control and access to their IDs and to all data they generate. By using a decentralized client-server architecture, users cannot be censored by the arbitrary will of a single authority for their accounts or publication contents.

Upgrades In The Newest Version

Since its first release, the Feeds capsule has seen the following upgrades:

  • Users can post media content with images or instant short videos.
  • Users can publish the newly created Feeds channel onto the “Discovery Square” for others to follow.
  • Elastos decentralized ID (DID) authorization and authentication was integrated.
  • The Feeds Source function has been removed. Now readers only need to find an interesting feed and follow it directly. For publishers, they are required to create a publisher account instead of the less user friendly Feeds source.
  • With elastOS native tool-chains, we can build native Feeds applications that run on both Android and iOS platforms.

What’s Next?

We know that privacy, censorship resistance and data ownership are amazing features, but not enough to stop there. For Feeds to gain mass adoption, users need to populate the platform with amazing content.

We will be adding the following features on the client-side of Feeds Capsule:

  • Introduce an economic incentive model into Feeds by integrating an ERC20 token (Feeds token) on ETH Sidechain. This will attract engagement from our community by creating rewards while also promoting quality content and the increase of traffic to the app.
  • Support with Private and Paid Feeds to enhance the apps features. We hope to see new businesses arise out of these features that bring new users with them.

We will also implement a new Feeds service with a simple UI/UX design that can run on desktop Linux or macOS systems to reduce the complexity of the installation process.

To Our Community, Thank You

With Feeds native applications now on Android and iOS platforms, we have a chance to take back the control of our privacy and data. We appreciate the support of our community users and welcome any feedback for improvements via the telegram Feeds channel here.