The Announcement of Feeds Capsule as Native Android application

2 min readJan 9, 2021


To explore more feeds for your interests

Feeds Capsule is the new-style of decentralized social application where users remain in full control of their owned data.

Compare with other classic centralized social applications, Feeds has the distinct characteristics of the following list:

  • Use the up-to-date mechanism to make the sign-in onto back-end services with the user’s own DID, without any risk of leakage of your credential and single-point failures;
  • With the decentralization of Feeds services, users have freedom of choices to get access to more different back-end services, which would be beneficial to the diversity of service contents;
  • With the decentralization of Feeds services, it shows that the Feeds services can be run by anyone and empower them with the full control of their owned data;

Due to Feeds is a social application with a decentralized style, when you decide to experience Feeds, it’s better to create an Elastos DID ahead and publish it onto Elastos DID sidechain, then you can use this DID as your identifier to get sign-in the application.

To be noticed, when you are being sign-in Feeds, it will open elastOS native application to request for your approval from DID dApp inside elastOS. As long as the request has been confirmed and approved on behalf of your expected DID, then it would be considered that you truly signed-in Feeds, which is the centralized way of authorization and authentication with DID involved, no censorships from any third-party servers at all.

After you signed-in Feeds, congratulations, you can experience the most same features as other popular classic social applications already have.

However, if you want to publish a blog or share interesting or brilliant ideas on Feeds with others, you have to set up the Feeds service on your own, and paired with it the owner. With that, you can create a feed as a topic or channel with a suitable name, so that you can share your interesting ideas on this feed.

Now, we have different platform versions for Feeds service living at You can deploy Feeds service as a standalone application on macOS, or install the corresponding Linux packages on Linux VPS or even raspberry device. You are strongly recommended to deploy the Feeds service with the latest version.

In the last, we hope you would find the critical missing piece of the current internet — ownership and also controls of your data. You also would be welcome to fire any questions about Feeds on telegram:

Visit here to start your experience : .

Be enjoying, be fun with Feeds.

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