Users can mint NFT collectibles on Feeds now.

NFT become a hot topic

These days, NFT, aka Non-Fungible Token, is trending to be a hot topic in the crypto realm followed by DeFi. There are more and more engaging stories to attract attention. Indeed, NFT can play to connect reality and cyberspace. Users can claim ownership of the virtual assets via NFT contract…

A new, decentralized social platform

Feeds Channels

Feeds is a new, decentralized social platform where users remain in full control of the data they generate, and may also profit from it.

The characteristics

Feeds stands apart from the pack of conventional, centralized social applications. Here’s how:

  • A fully functional DID-based, back-end sign-in service that does not create any risk…

Begin with the experience

Do you have a similar experience when boarding to Feeds, you were simultaneously collapsed into struggling to figure out the concept of Feeds Source. Since no decentralized application like Feeds to compare, it isn’t easy to understand what it is and why Feeds has it, whereas Twitter doesn’t.

The previous versions with “Feeds Sources”

What is the concept of Feeds source?

As we…

When we talk about the differences between Feeds capsule and Twitter, the big one is that we use Elastos DID to make sign-in instead of the traditional way of username/password system or OAuth2 method, both of which are being fully controlled by the single central authority.

“Decentralized identifiers (DIDs) are…


Web3 = Decentralized + Privacy + Ownership

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